Parkson Water Treatment

Aqueous Solutions is pleased to to be able to offer the Parkson range of sewage and waste water treatment equipment as part of our total design package.  Aqueous can deliver Turnkey projects incorporating selected equipment from the Parkson range.


Parkson  has a worldwide reputation with more than 50 years’ experience in providing quality sewage and wastewater treatment facilities across the world.  With expertise developed within their own research facility, and more than 4000 commissioned unit in place, they are at the forefront of new technology development.  Through the application of the Parkson technologies available to Aqueous Solutions, we can deliver a world class result for your sewage or wastewater, sludge or stormwater disposal.  Below are examples of Parkson equipment, contact us for the full suite of products.

Parkson Biolac

Extended aeration treatment system exhibiting high oxygen transfer and low biosolids production.  Biolac provides a cost effective solution for large scale aerobic treatment of waste water.  It is ideal for abattoir, dairy, malting, munical, industrial and any other wastewater requiring treatment prior to irrigation or discharge.  With a unique combined mixing and aeration technology, Biolac provides an energy effiicient solution for the activated sludge process and allows the processing capability of existing facultative ponds to be very  economically expanded without extra land requirements. SeeParkson Brochure Biolac

Parkson Lamella EcoFlow

The Parkson Lamella EcoFlow is an improvement on traditional plate settlers.  A high rate clarifier in a small footprint with Parkson unique plate technology.  See the attached Brochure for details. Parkson Brochure Lamella EcoFlow

Parkson Dynasand

Dynasand is a continuous, upflow, deep bed, granular media filter.Its simple process does not require backwash pumps or tank storage.  Dynasand can be adapated to provide a final stage nitrogen and phosphorous reduction step to existing sewage treatment plants to meet new stringent effluent limits.  See the Hagerstown Case study: Hagerstown Dynasand case study

SeeDynaSand Media Brochure

Parkson Oil -Water Separator

With applications in a large variety of industrial settings, including industrial effluent treatment, oil reclamation, cooling towers, metals processing and stormwater , the Parkson Oil Water Separator with its slant rib design and coalescing action is efficient and can be custom designed. See Parkson Brochure Oil Water Separator

Parkson Aqua Guard

Self cleaning, in channel, moving media screen.  The proven primary screen for all grit and solids removal.   Ideal for industrial and municipal users requiring very high removal rates.SeeParkson Brochure Aqua Guard