Tailings Dam Water Disposal

Tailings dam at a lead and zinc mine receives underground pumpage, site runoff and other waste streams.  Storage is limited and with no disposal alternatives a full dam can threaten mine production. Tailings dam inflows showed a widely varying range of salinities, pH and quality.

Aqueous were able to provide a fully contained treatment system to process this heavily contaminated water to a high quality suitable for discharge to the environment under strict environmental guidelines.  Aqueous provided expertise in dosing with water treatment chemicals effectively deal with the varied contaminants within the mine water discharge.


Project Summary

  • 2MLD output of clean water.
  • Fully containerised pre-treatment and RO modules in 2 x 40’ containers.
  • Containers commissioned inside 8 weeks from order.
  • Aqueous provided site and water chemistry assessment prior to commencing.
  • System designed to operate over a widely varying range of input conditions and salinities.
  • System designed to tie in with existing infrastructure.

Project Specifics

  • Location: QLD, Australia.
  • System Capacity: 2,000,000 litres/day.
  • Feed Water quality: contaminated tailings and mine water.
  • Recovery: 75%