Groundwater Disposal

Groundwater Disposal for Building Basement

Building development required removal of salty ground water. Treatment of water to allow for permitted discharge. Aqueous provided an ultrafiltration reverse osmosis system (UF/RO) to treat both highly turbid and salty water to acceptable storm water discharge criteria. Aqueous Solutions provided an economical solution for the client.  Project designed, built and delivered within 8 weeks.  Remote monitoring and routine service provided by our skilled staff.


Project Summary

  • Full turnkey supply and installation in basement utility room
  • Plant capable of accepting widely varying feedwater quality including salty ground water and high flow turbid storm water
  • Remote monitoring and automatic plant operation
  • Capable of treating highly variable feed water

Project Specifics

  • Location: Melbourne high rise apartment development
  • System Capacity: 45,000 litres/day.
  • Feed Water quality: 5000 ppm TDS
  • Permeate: 250 TDS