Consumables & Spares & RO Chemicals

We offer a full range of water treatment consumable items and provide specialist advice for their application.

We offer a range of consumables including Filter cartridges, RO Membranes, Antiscalant chemicals, Membrane cleaners and more. Should you require an item not listed below please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Water treatment consumables

Aqueous Solutions stocks a full range of water treatment consumable items and is able to provide specialist advice in their application. Our Chemical Engineers will provide expert advice on the right RO chemicals for your plant.

• Filter cartridges
• Membranes
• Antiscalant
• Membrane cleaners
• Inorganic coagulents
• Sodium Hypochlorite
• Calcite
• Activated carbon
• Zeolite
• Softening resing
• Filter media

Filter cartridges

We stock a full range of high quality filter cartridges.  Our cartridges are selected to protect donwstream membranes and ensure SDI levels are not exceeded.

Cartridges stocked include both depth cartridges for dirt holding ability  and absolute rated for guaranteed removal of particulate matter.



RO Membranes

We can supply membranes in both 4″ and 8″ sizes in seawater and brackish water configuration at very competitive prices and prompt delivery.

WE stock and recommend DOW Filmtech membranes.

Ask us to provide a quote to replace RO membranes in your existing desalination plant.  We recommend you take the opportunity to have Aqueous Solutions review your Desalination Plant and look for improvements and potential increased capacity or cost savings. One of the benefits of an Aqueous Solutions Reverse Osmosis system is that they are designed to require only limited onsite service calls and can operate automatically for long periods.



Aqueous stock a full range of the Solcare range of antiscalants.  These antiscalents (also spelled antiscalant) are specially formulated to provide maximum protection to our membrane systems operating in some very harsh feedwater environments. Scale build up on membranes can limit the productive life of the membrane. Our experts can select the best antiscalent for your water; depending on such elements as binding needs and silica content.

Chemicals can be supplied in Drums which meet HSE Manual Handling limits or in IBC


RO Membrane Cleaners

Aqueous have a range of specially formulated membrane cleaners suitable for a variety of cleaning duties.

Our qualified Chemical Engineers are able to provide you expert advice on dosing levels and duration. As they understand the reagents and efficacy of the various dosing chemicals available you can be assured that you are being recommended the best cleaning regime.

We supply Dow Filmtec membranes.  They have a 3 year guarantee and we are proud that by following the Aqueous Solutions Pty Ltd recommended care and clean regimes, many of our clients extend the life expectancy of the RO membrane by many years.

Cleaners include:

  • Iron specific
  • Calcium specific
  • Inorganic scale
  • Organic and sediment
  • Insoluble sulphates

Our qualified Chemical Engineering staff can help you work out the optimum clean and care regime for your RO membrane system.