Salty Bore Water – Brackish Water Desalination

It’s no secret that Australia is a dry country, however, solutions to provide a guaranteed fresh water source for your farming operations are now available.

Changing weather patterns

Water shortages, droughts and seasonal issues make planning a challenge. With ongoing reduced rainfall and climate change in action, things are only going to get worse for those without an alternative source of water.

The importance of accessible, guaranteed water has never been higher and now it can be had often at a lower cost than conventional irrigation water.

Establish the quality of your groundwater (saline bore water) and establish its suitability for a brackish water reverse osmosis plant.

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Bore water desalination options

Borehole drilling is a tried and tested method for finding water when the rain’s gone, but in many parts of Australia this groundwater is too salty to use on crops. Groundwater desalination can provide a reliable ongoing water supply for your agricultural enterprise.

Aqueous Solutions’ water desalination products may be the answer.  Our brackish water reverse osmosis plants are specifically designed to meet your farm water supply need.

Our modular, portable systems deliver hundreds of megalitres of fresh water to agricultural operations across the country. These easy to set-up products provide onsite salt water purification that can easily be used in farm irrigation systems.

We have not turned it off. It goes 24/7 since the day you put it in. And your team are excellent when it comes to backup.
Adam Craig
Pastoral Pork VIC.

Our reverse osmosis desalination plant will be designed specifically for your source water supply -ranging from low salinity bores through to bores producing near seawater level salt concentrations. Our pre-treatment and RO membrane selection will ensure the most reliable and cost-effective fresh water supply.

Rebates and financing options for bore water desalination

While the cost for many aspects of farming and sourcing water are rising, the price for groundwater reverse osmosis systems is lower than ever before.

Why? Because rebates are available from both federal and state governments that can be used directly for bore development and associated bore water treatment equipment, including desalination plants. Permanent plantings can now be secured with the knowledge of readily accessible water.

Aqueous also provides a range of financing options including rental and finance agreements. Let us assist you in achieving water independence and to gain that competitive advantage.

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