Sewage and wastewater treatment systems

Aqueous Solutions presents its  containerised “Biorotor” Rotating Biological Contactor -“RBC ” technology.  Manufacturers of packaged sewage treatment plants that work. No smell, no sludge disposal needed.

Biological nutrient removal for sewage and waste water treatment. At last a packaged sewage treatment system that actually works and keeps on working.


  • Robust system requiring no skilled operators, no ongoing testing and no sludge management.
  • Only 20% of the energy consumption of aerated activated sludge
  • No smell, no noise, no regular sludge production, no membranes
  • Class C, class A and class A+ produced water quality available.
  • Attached growth system means reliable, robust performance.
  • Completely modular in construction from 100 to 100,000 equivalent people.
  • Ideal for a variety of waste water sources including sanitary sewage, animal processing, ammonia elimination.

How does it work?

The biodiscs support billions of colonies of bacteria and microorganisms on their surface. These bacteria consume the “nutrients” in the water and respire oxygen to metabolise the waste products in the water. Oxygen is absorbed direct from the atmosphere. The bacteria density is much higher on a RBC than the equivalent volume of suspended growth aerated system. The bugs are taken to the air not the air to the bugs thus saving large amounts on compressing inert Nitrogen gas.




This robust technology is ideal for:

  • Mining camps
  • Production facilities without access to sewer
  • Wineries, conference centres
  • Construction sites
  • Resorts holiday villages
  • Industrial water treatment
  • Nitrogen / ammonia removal
  • Bio remediation of polluted water