Remote Island

Sewage Treatment Plant

Aqueous Solutions’ RBC technology was selected to provide sewage treatment to an island community to meet the demand of a growing population. Our technology was chosen for its simple, reliable, cost effective solution. The project was delivered on budget and ahead of an already tight implementation timeline.

Project Summary

  • Aqueous Solutions’ specifically developed remote area RBC technology provides robust and reliable sewage treatment for a 1500 person facility. Modular units can be easily expanded.
  • Very low power consumption means much lower operating costs and lower capital install charges associated with getting power supply to the site. Solar powered facilities are an option.
  • Simple system, working largely under gravity flow with no mechanical aerators, allows just a weekly check and does not need a specialist operator. No testing. No adjustments
  • Shock loadings can be absorbed by the system whilst still maintaining design performance. Efficiency is also maintained when reduced input conditions exist.
  • No regular sludge production to dispose of.

Project Specifics

  • Location: Island, South Pacific
  • 350,000 litres per day of waste water treated
  • 1500 equivalent persons