Water Treatment

We offer solutions for water treatment that can provide the most efficient mechanical, technical and management approach.

Our water treatment solutions provide a complete turnkey service, ranging from process design, fabrication and installation through to long term operation and maintenance of the water treatment plant. In conjunction with our containerised systems, we offer a full service solution to your treatment needs. Aqueous Solutions design and build specialist equipment for high purity water filtration needs, water disinfection and removal of water contaminants such as iron removal, arsenic and manganese removal, or organic foulants.  We are experienced membrane filtration professionals. Have a look at our case studies and contact us about your requirements.

Media Filtration

Deep bed high efficiency zeolite media systems automatically backflush using a microprocessor-based control capable of removing particles down to nominally three micron. A subsequent cartridge filter system can then provide filtration levels down to 0.5 micron, ideal for industries requiring sediment free water supply.

Coagulation and settling clarifiers

If the feed water contains suspended colloidal or solid particles, as is typical in surface waters, Aqueous Solutions will design and supply a pre coagulation and flocculation system – a mini water treatment plant that supplies crystal clear drinking water quality water after the filtration plant.

The Aqueous Solutions lamella plate clarifier is ideal for clarification of pre-coagulated streams. The operating plant footprint is substantially reduced as is capex compared to conventional clarification systems.

Ultrafiltration / microfiltration

Ultrafiltration is a membrane process that separates colloidal or solid material, emulsified oils, microbiological materials, and large organic molecules. It is different from microfiltration and nanofiltration primarily in the size of the molecules it retains. The range of separation is generally 10,000 to > 80,000 molecular weight.

Common applications of microfiltration include the removal and recovery of oils, surfactants and paints from waste streams, clarification of wines and juices, and polishing of ultra pure water for bacteria and particle removal.

Link to Ultrafiltration Plant Case Study


Nanofiltration membrane technology separates solution to the molecular level. It rejects various larger-size organics, including dyes and sugars, and also has a strong rejection of divalent ions over monovalent ions. Nanofiltration generally uses spiral wound membranes configured in a similar design as reverse osmosis.

Some applications include partial softening of feed water, removal of contaminants from water or acid streams, and pretreatment for reverse osmosis or other high purity systems.

Iron removal filters

High iron content in ground water is a common problem in irrigation projects. Blocked sprinklers, clogged drippers and supply lines, and toxic levels of iron affecting plant growth are all common symptoms of high iron content. Often the iron is in soluble form (clearwater iron) as it exits the bore only to slowly precipitate out throughout the whole distribution network. Normal filtration systems do not effectively remove this form of iron.

Aqueous Solutions offers a catalytic iron removal media system capable of removing iron to negligible levels. These systems are designed to operate automatically and backflush as necessary to discharge iron removed to a separate holding area.

Ozone Water Treatment

Ozone is a powerful oxidant and disinfectant ideal for iron and manganese oxidation as well as organic and pathogen removal. Ozone leaves no residual and is suited to situations where the use of chlorine is problematic.

Link to Case Study -Ozone Water Treatment

Water Disinfection and Sanitation

Aqueous Solutions can tailor a disinfection system for potable, waste water, animal health and other applications . Our systems include online, real-time monitoring, feed back control and process alarming providing worry free water sanitation.   Our Ultra violet (UV) disinfection systems include U.V dose measurement to ensure ongoing effectiveness and auto cleaning wipers for waste water applications.