Demineralised Water, Industrial Water Treatment

RO Water Plant for High Purity Applications

Reverse Osmosis System with Carbon Filters and Softeners

Local glass manufacturers producing high quality low-e glass required reliable and cost effective high purity water. Aqueous Solutions designed, built and installed a system to provide an additional dedicated pressurized water supply to new machinery at this glass manufacturing plant. This supplies up to three glass making machines with on demand automatic control features.
Water treatment plant include water monitor and warning systems with adjustable salinity level warning.  Source water from reticulated supply required additional treatment to achieve the necessary high purity for industrial glass production.
Pure water production using reverse osmosis with selected pre-treatment.  High permeate recovery.


The project was delivered on time and within budget and was integrated within existing infrastructure with minimal downtime.

Project Summary

  • High purity water production
  • Reverse Osmosis Desalination Plant
  • Media Filtration
  • Carbon filtration
  • Water Softeners

Project Specifics

  • Location: Victoria
  • Capacity: 20,000 litres/day unit
  • High Purity Water Supply <20mg/l