Ultrafiltration Equipment

Ultrafiltration Plant

Feedwater supply from river water with high turbidity. Client required potable water supply for small community with remote operation and limited onsite supervision. System required to  be capable of treating the fluctuating water quality feed water. A Containerised Ultrafiltration system was selected to minimise commissioning time onsite and limit the civil works required to establish site. Project included provision of tank storage and chlorine dosing.

Ultrafiltration plant was delivered ontime and on budget.  Removes bacteria, virus, turbidity and blue green algae toxins to produce high quality ADWG compliant water supply.

Project Summary

  • Ultrafiltration System -Containerised
  • Multi barrier approach for high security compliant water supply
  • Chlorine monitoring and dosing.
  • Plant can be remotely operated and monitored

Project Specifics

  • Total System Capacity: 100,000
  • Feed Water quality: River Water
  • Produced Water Quality: Turbidity < 0.1 NTU