Ultrafiltration Equipment

UF Water Plant

Sea water Ultra filtration plant capable of producing 17 megalitres per day of filtered water. Built to upgrade conventional media and cartridge filtration system currently feeding an existing reverse osmosis desalination (RO) plant. Fully containerised UF system with 1 feed and control container feeding four UF containers.  Plug and play installation for easy site set up and commissioning. Low flux during normal operation with capacity to operate at significantly higher flux for short times.

Containerised — minimised cost of site preparation and installation, and quick changeover from the old to the new system. No civil works or excavations area required. Expandable — Increasing capacity is as simple as hooking up another container.

Delivered on time and to budget with accelerated schedule.

Project Summary

  • Seawater Ultrafiltration Plant -fully containerised -master /servant configuration.
  • High capacity Disc filtration system pre-treatment
  • Plug and Play installation

Project Specifics

  • Total System Capacity: 23 MLD
  • Feed Water quality: Seawater
  • Recovery : 95%