Industrial Water Treatment

Industrial Water Treatment

Recycling of Condensate from food production for use in boiler feed water.  Fruit juice production facility.  A Containerised Water Plant selected by client to ensure minimal production downtime.

The filtration duty is to filter incoming channel water that is stored in an onsite dam.  The water quality varies throughout the year and contains colloidal clay and fine material that is not normally filterable.

We offer a system that will coagulate the very fine colloidal material and the remove it in a multi staged high efficiency media filtration system.  Chemical dosing is also provided to remove biofouling elements identified during design stage.

Industrial Water Treatment -Boiler Water Recovery

Project Summary

  • Containerised Brackish Water Desalination system

Project Specifics

  • 500,000 LPD
  • Cartridge Filtration pre-treatment
  • Media Filtration
  • Re-use as Boiler Feed Water