Agriculture, Ozone Water Treatment

Ozone Water Treatment System

Ozone Treatment Plant for Aquaculture -Commercial Fish-Raising

Aqueous Solutions provided an ozone treatment system for the main recirculating systems on fish holding tanks for this major commercial supplier of market quality fish. Comprising of three separate trains, with two capable of producing up to 100g/hr of O3 and a third system of 30g/hr the combined water plant provides an economical solution that avoids the difficulties involved in balancing different demands from a single production source.  The system works fully automatically, includes an automatic starting process to avoid backflow to the ozone generator and can be controlled locally or remotely. Ozone is a powerful oxidising agent which produces a broad spectrum biocide that destroys all bacteria, viruses and cysts.

Ozone Water Treatment


Project Summary

  • Ozone Water Treatment
  • Ozone Generation and dosing
  • Redox Monitoring
  • Monitoring system with adjustable alarms and remote or local operation

Project Specifics

  • System Capacity: 575,000 LPD
  • Feed Water Quality: high levels of iron and manganese
  • Treated Water Quality: <0.04mg/l iron and manganese