Integrated Water Treatment at Remote Mine Site

This remote mining camp required a complete water solution to provide potable water for the 1000 man FI/FO mine camp, high quality water for mine processing, and onsite waste water treatment  facilities established. Aqueous Solutions provided a complete service from design to commissioning.

Project Summary

  • Prepared a complete site water balance and designed layout to allow for future expansion plans.
  • Plant 1 is two containerised RO units providing 440,000lpd of fresh water for mine camp and process water.
  • Media filtration, chemical dosing, post chlorination and softening included.
  • Plant 2 is skid mounted RO unit providing 40,000lpd of fresh water for the port.
  • Modular waste water treatment plant (future expansion capabilities) is treating waste water 300,000lpd to Class A effluent standard.
  • Bio solids treatment, settling tanks, disinfection.

Project Specifics

  • Location: Remote NT
  • Complete on site water management
  • Feed Water source: Saline Bore