Desalination Plant for Mining Operation

Aqueous Solutions Pty Ltd were the successful tenderers to provide a new desalination plant for a Remote Mine in remote Northern Territory. The reverse osmosis plant   replaces existing water softening equipment, and provides all   potable and processing water for the mining operation.

Project Summary

  • Containerised desalination unit capable of producing 800,000 litres of potable and process water a day.
  • Installed automatic programmable operation with remote monitoring system.
  • Electronic monitoring system, integrated cartridge filtration, antiscalant dosing.
  • Replaced expensive and inefficient softener system resulting in large savings in salt purchase.
  • Control system integrated into plant SCADA system.

Project Specifics

  • Location: remote N.T.
  • System Capacity: 800,000 litres/day
  • Feed Water: hard and saline groundwater
  • Recovery: 80%