Upgrade Mining Township Water Supply

This remotely located mining township has relied upon desalinated bore water for more than 20 years. To provide a cost effective upgrade solution to our client, Aqueous Solutions’ proposal included incorporating some plant components already in place.  Aqueous Solutions was awarded the contract for upgrade in January 2011. Aqueous Solutions replaced the antiquated R.O. System and integrated with the existing PLC.

Project Summary

  • Designed, fabricated, installed and commissioned 2 skid based trains producing 2,000,000 litres of permeate water per day. Trains are designed to be operated separately, or in tandem, to meet client demand.
  • Integrated the existing PLC system, overcoming shortcomings of antiquated code.
  • Electronic monitoring system, cartridge filtration, antiscalant dosing, permeate flush and CIP system.
  • Critical path planning minimised plant downtime for critical town supply.

Project Specifics

  • Location: Remote South Australia
  • System Capacity: 2,000,000 litres/day
  • Feed Water quality: bore water
  • Recovery: 75%