Sewage Treatment

Our sewage treatment options are innovative  and trusted – ideal modular design allowing for incremental increases for population growth or seasonal spikes. With years of experience in the industry, our equipment is has a reputation for reliability with little Operator monitoring required. Only 20% of the energy usage compared to that of blowers and aerated activated sludge and low operating staffing requirements.

Sewage Treatment Options

Necessary for the management of raw waste and the like, our sewage treatment options are innovative  and trusted – after years of experience in the industry, our equipment is the best on the market and on average uses only 20% of the energy used by aerated activated sludge. In addition to sewage treatment, we also specialise in wastewater treatment.

Aqueous are dedicated to providing the most convenient sewage treatment facilities for your business and all of our setups are modular in their design, meaning you can install units that will cater to 100 people up to 100,000. Just some of our previous sewage treatment projects include integrated water supply in the remote McArthur River Zinc Mine, NT, and one for a facility on Nauru Island.

Sewage treatment is a complicated and important process, and one which requires the utmost in experience. It takes experience and well designed equipment to provide odour free and low maintenance outcomes.

Low energy, reliable, low odour sewage systems are hard to find -and hard to beat.

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Case Study

This remote mining camp required a complete water solution to provide potable water for the 1000 man FI/FO mine camp, high quality water for mine processing, and onsite waste water treatment  facilities established. Aqueous Solutions provided a complete service from design to commissioning.

Project Summary

  • Prepared a complete site water balance and designed layout to allow for future expansion plans.
  • Plant 1 is two containerised RO units providing 440,000lpd of fresh water for mine camp and process water.
  • Media filtration, chemical dosing, post chlorination and softening included.
  • Plant 2 is skid mounted RO unit providing 40,000lpd of fresh water for the port.
  • Modular waste water treatment plant (future expansion capabilities) is treating waste water 300,000lpd to Class A effluent standard.
  • Bio solids treatment, settling tanks, disinfection.

Project Specifics

  • Location: Remote NT
  • Complete on site water management
  • Feed Water source: Saline Bore